Man of the Hour: Jon Mercer, Doylestown Entrepreneur

It’s time we hear a guy’s perspective on singleness.


New year, new podcast episode! And this time, we’re sitting down to chat with our very first male interviewee to hear his views on the single life.

Jonathan Mercer is a 31-year-old entrepreneur living and working in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. It was early December of last year when I was in town doing some last-minute Christmas shopping and Jon “accosted” me on the sidewalk (his words) with a flyer offering a free day at Stacks Co. workspace. As a freelance writer who relies heavily on bougie coffee shop wifi, I was quick to take him up on the offer. The space is gorgeous and very conducive to tapping away on a laptop for hours on end.

Source: Instagram

Jon struck me as an interesting and interview-worthy character from the start. In one of our early conversations, he explained how he had moved to Doylestown from New Jersey to be closer to the girl he was dating at the time. He came up with the idea for a community co-working space in Doylestown, and though the relationship didn’t stick, the business plan did.

In this hour-long interview, Megan and I chat with Jon about his thoughts on vulnerability in relationships, the importance of open communication about mental health, the struggles that come with pursuing non-traditional career paths, and even the different dating culture in Australia (where Jon lived for three years). We covered a lot of ground.

Give it a listen, and go check out Stacks Co. if you’re in the Doylestown area!


Author: Paige Triola

In May of 2014, Paige stepped out from the perfectly manicured campus of her liberal arts college with a biology degree in hand and no clue what to do with it. So, she decided to do everything. A blog was inevitable.

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