Let’s Hear an Extrovert’s Take on Singleness: Chatting with Maggie McGonigal

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A full-time professional in the beauty industry, a part-time creative arts assistant at her church, and a fellow blogger, Maggie McGonigal is one of the friendliest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet.

In one of my first conversations with Maggie, we talked quite a bit about relationships: the struggle of trying to find the right person and the highs and lows of the journey. When I shared my (fairly new at the time) blog with her, explaining my goal of normalizing–even celebrating–singleness, it was immediately decided that she would be on the podcast some time in the future.

The future is today. Well, we recorded a few days ago. The future was Monday.

In this episode, you’ll hear us discuss:

  • Why you should never hold back a critical part of who you are in a relationship 
  • For the newly single: the importance of making a “clean break”
  • The reality of pain and heartbreak–and why it’s essential to acknowledge the hurt in order to heal
  • When females find themselves in the friend zone
  • Do introverts attract extroverts, and vice versa?
  • Using a time of singleness to better define your personal goals, professional pursuits, and even your personality (Enneagram test, anyone?)

We had so much fun with this one. Listen while you wrap some last-minute presents, bake cookies, or do any number of other activities that may or may not be holiday-related. Yes, I’m a little excited about Christmas.


*Check out Maggie’s podcast, too! Starting with her interview with yours truly.

Author: Paige Triola

In May of 2014, Paige stepped out from the perfectly manicured campus of her liberal arts college with a biology degree in hand and no clue what to do with it. So, she decided to do everything. A blog was inevitable.

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