On Mondays We Do Podcasts

There comes a time in many a blog’s life when the written word is no longer sufficient and must be supplemented by faceless dialogue and the occasional burst of awkward laughter. That day is today.


Welcome to the Every Single Thing podcast! Loner-in-Chief Paige Triola and her equally single friend Megan McFarland are your hosts, and we’re here to empower our fellow lone wolves to be their best selves before someone else enters the picture.

In this introductory episode, we talk about the value of doing things and going places alone, some bad habits unique to singles, a quick overview of future topics, and our “Challenge of the Week” for listeners. As the title suggests, this will typically be a Monday thing, so check back in next week for episode #2.


*Correction: I went to Italy for two months, not three. Please ignore the several times I make that mistake.

Author: Paige Triola

In May of 2014, Paige stepped out from the perfectly manicured campus of her liberal arts college with a biology degree in hand and no clue what to do with it. So, she decided to do everything. A blog was inevitable.

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