The Journey Begins

This is a blog about singleness.

This is a blog about singleness, but let me start with a shocking disclaimer: I am not looking to stay single forever. Nor am I suggesting that people should. What I am trying to do here is present singleness as a bursting-with-potential adventure that can be genuinely enjoyed. It’s not an embarrassing affliction, and in no way should it stop you from living life boldly.

Go on the trip!

Take the hike!

Register for that race!

Sign up for a dance class [and then teach me because I am the worst]!

Do all of the things, because being without a significant other is not a handicap. And can I up the ante a little? Try doing these things by yourself. I dare you. Alone doesn’t have to mean lonely; don’t let movies, social media, or people convince you otherwise. Oh, the things I have done and the places I have gone all by myself! More on those things and places later.

By the way, this blog isn’t all about me. I’ll be reaching out to other adventurous individuals to share their thoughts and experiences from solo living–the good, the bad, the cringe-worthy, the funny–every single thing.

The happiest of all lives is a busy solitude. — Voltaire

[This is a stock photo, but I like it too much to change it. Just pretend it’s a metaphor.]

Author: Paige Triola

In May of 2014, Paige stepped out from the perfectly manicured campus of her liberal arts college with a biology degree in hand and no clue what to do with it. So, she decided to do everything. A blog was inevitable.

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